Menu 1

£18 + Vat per head


Breton chicken with smoky bacon, leeks, and a creamy cheddar and Dijon mustard sauce

Italian herby meatballs with melting mozzarella and garlic bread

Roasted vegetable lasagne with a creamy bechamel, goat’s cheese and basil



All served with:

Roasted new potatoes with sea salt, olive oil and rosemary

Winter salad bowl

Homemade seeded granary bread and focaccia


Menu 2

£22 + Vat per head


Beef and porcini stew with rosemary, bay leaves and red wine


Served with:

 Roasted root vegetables with olive oil, thyme and rosemary

Roasted Romano peppers

Homemade bread


South American spiced chicken with black beans, rice, avocado and soured cream


Roasted vegetable moussaka with courgettes, potatoes, aubergines and Puy lentils



Served with:

Roasted Romano peppers

Mixed leaf salad

Medley of red and yellow tomatoes, olive oil and basil

Homemade bread

Menu 3

£24 + Vat per head


Lamb tagine with saffron, cinnamon, ginger & turmeric


Served with:

 Pistachio couscous with mint and coriander

Crunchy lime drenched salad


Spiced chicken thighs with plums, orange and honey


Served with:

 Pomegranate couscous, Greek yoghurt and a pistachio and coriander relish

Crunchy lime drenched salad



Luxury fish pie with cod, haddock, spinach, lemon and a creamy cheddar sauce


Served with:

Winter leaf salad

Seasonal green vegetables